Also, as an amateur footballer..

As an “amateur” footballer, I’m recovering from quite “professional” knee injuries since 2016, progressing well and now aiming to return to pitch in near future.

Fun fact 1: When people ask me to repeat my name in a phone call I always say “Fan, F-A-N, as in ‘football fan’ “. Yet in most cases they still think it is Sam.

Fun fact 2: I’m a fan of the English football club Arsenal and also a club Beijing Guo-An(国安) from my hometown. They have many in common:

  • Both won quite a few domestic cup titles, not so many league titles, and none continental cup..
  • Both from the capital cities.
  • Both rank 1st in the league table alphabetically.
  • Arsenal in English can also mean “a place where weapons and military equipments are stored“, whereas Guoan(国安) in Chinese can also be directly translated as “the Ministry of State Security”.

-update Jul. 2020:

After 10 months rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction, I finally returned to pitch earlier this month for casual football, during a very special (COVID19) time.

…mixed feelings…

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