LM (light map) metrics

Xia’s diffuseness metric (2017) & our novel brilliance metric (2019):

.m code + low-res light maps examples (ZIP format, 8 MB)

Both metrics calculate the power of each order of the spherical harmonics (SH) decomposition for the high dynamic range (HDR) light maps.

There are two Matlab .m codes in the ZIP that demo the metrics:

1. SH_LM_metrics_example1.m

Example that applied the diffuseness metric and brilliance metric for six Debevec’s light maps (LM) to select light maps that represent the ambient, focus, and brilliance lighting modes the best. For high resolution light maps see USC database.

For preliminary results see our ECVP2017 poster.

2. SH_LM_metrics_example2.m

Example that validate the effects of contrast/gamma variation (for the light map “Eucalyptus”) mentioned in Motoyoshi & Matoba 2012.

For more details see Zhang et al., 2019.

We also implemented a filled-in version of the “Glaicer” environment: more natural comparing to original light map (Debevec 1998) from USC high-res database.


The Filling-in process was done in PhotoShop using the content-aware fill tool.

To download filled-in version HDR light map: glacierFill-exr.zip (LM resolution 2048 x 1024, ZIP format, 8MB)