Here are some demos, codes, and supplementary files:

A Brief Intro to SH-CoR model: 

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4-category discrimination task (Zhang, de Ridder, & Pont, 2018):

PTB code + stimuli (ZIP format, 3MB)


ordering task

MDS task (glossiness perception): PTB code + stimuli (ZIP format, 6MB, not published yet, all rights reserved)


rating (15 images simultaneously): (not published yet)


light map metrics based on SH (Zhang, de Ridder, Barla, & Pont, 2019):

.m code + light maps (ZIP format, 8 MB)

.m code without light maps (ZIP format, 8KB)



material matching task (material probe): MatMix 1.0

light matching task: MixIM 1.0

Image features (posterization, thresholding, mixing in GUI)

.m code + stimuli (ZIP format, 4MB)

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Real v.s. Rendered