As an early-stage researcher..

I have a multi-disciplinary background in Mechanical Engineering and Automation (B.Eng.) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CN, Robotics (M.Sc.) at King’s College London, UK, and Material Perception (Ph.D.) at TU Delft, NL.

In November 2013, I joined the Delft Perceptual Intelligence Lab ( as a Ph.D. candidate in the section of Human Information Communication Design (HICD) in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The Ph.D. project is within the EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) project PRISM – Perceptual Intelligence of Illumination, Shape and Material. Currently I’m working as a postdoc collaborating with P&G (Germany) in a UX research project.

The main aim of my Ph.D. project is to measure the visual perception of materials. During my Ph.D., I developed a novel interactive probing method for purely visually and quantitatively measuring material perception and its interaction with lighting perception. We also implemented multiple experimental methods and found consistent results:

  • a) physical material properties were mapped with associated perceptual judgements;
  • b) human data were interpreted into intuitive understandings for perception and design;
  • c) optic-based models for canonical materials and lightings were developed;
  • d) optical cues that trigger the perception of canonical materials were identified.

I am experienced in Experimental Design, Interactive Interface Design, Data Analysis, Computer Vision, 3D Modelling & Rendering, and Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing.

Contact me via f.zhang-2 [at] tudelft [dot] nl